Colourful Tulip buds gently sprouting from a moist grassy area in The Garden of Peace

Welcoming Spring

Celebrating Patience and Dedication in our Memorial Garden

Dear Garden Families,

As the soft tendrils of spring slowly begin to unfurl, we find ourselves once again drawn to the tranquil beauty of our beloved memorial garden. It is a time of renewal, where mother nature finally rewards our patience with its annual symphony of colours and fragrances. In these fleeting moments, we are reminded of the timeless cycle of life and the enduring power of hope.

Embracing Patience: A Garden’s Journey

Like the delicate petals of a bud, patience is a virtue we often cultivate in our garden. We wait with bated breath as the earth slowly awakens from its winter slumber, trusting in the promise of what is to come. Each day brings subtle changes – a hint of green here, a shy blossom there – until suddenly, the garden bursts with colour, a testament to the beauty that lies in waiting.

Our Garden Guardians

Many of you would have seen our gardeners around. Behind the scenes, Martin and Ollie are our silent heroes who tend to every corner of our sanctuary with unwavering dedication. With tireless care and attention, they ensure that the tranquility and balance continues to embrace our grounds… even during hosepipe bans, lockdowns and unprecedented rain levels.

We would like to take a moment to celebrate their invaluable contributions.

Looking Ahead: A Season of Promise

In the midst of life’s ever-changing landscape, our memorial garden remains a beacon of hope and renewal. A unique place where we are able to cherish the memories of loved ones in moments of quiet reflection, amongst bursts of vibrant colour and delicate fragrance.

As the new season approaches, may we continue to find solace in the gentle rhythm of nature.

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