About Us

A Soothing Sanctuary

When a loved one passes away, their memory remains.

Constant reminders of everything that made them so special contribute to the process of continual reflection. Feelings of grief, loss and other emotions can come in unexpected waves and, when they do, it can help to have somewhere peaceful to go where you can draw comfort from the memories of your loved one.  Portchester Memorial Gardens offers that sanctuary.

Barbara Trimmings

People who care

Having lost loved ones ourselves, we can understand some of the emotions and confusion that you may be going through.

Established by our current director’s mother, who was trying to find a beautiful spot in which to bury and mark a loved one’s ashes, the gardens are a family-run business.  Our team aims to offer guidance and comfort, helping to make an emotive decision less upsetting and stressful.

Choice and service

As a privately owned, award-winning memorial garden we are able to offer a wide range of facilities and choices.  Once you have selected a plot you can lay ashes to rest by casket burial or grave scattering, or simply place a memorial if the ashes are scattered elsewhere.

Julie Hind
Jodi Spicer

A personal tribute

Plots can be marked with one of our range of memorials in a variety of styles and materials, with different fonts and colours available as well as the ability to incorporate photographs and motifs.  Additional items such as sculptures, benches and ‘family garden’ options are also available in certain areas.

We’ll discuss your requirements and preferences, helping create a fitting memorial, exclusive to your loved one.

Special Events

Every December we hold a Christmas memorial service around our lake, in remembrance of the deceased.  Led by the chaplain of the Rowans Hospice, we sing carols and gently float a remembrance lantern across the lake accompanied by the sound of a Highland piper.  Families can then place a little lantern on their loved ones’ graves as dusk falls.

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