PMG Memorial Plot Clearance 2023

Plot Clearance

Christmas & Memorial Reminder

Wishing our garden families a happy and healing New Year



Please note that all Christmas wreaths & decorations will be removed from graves from Monday 9th January,
all other items that are prohibited in accordance with our Rules and Regulations.

Christmas Decorations
All Christmas items will be displayed in the corner of the car park for collection until end of January. Any items not retrieved will either be recycled or disposed of.

Grave & Memorial Plot Clearance
All items that are removed will be labelled and dated and kept for three months in a designated area for collection, after which they will be recycled or disposed of.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Thank you.

Keep us informed
Don’t forget to keep us informed if you are moving house, changing phone numbers or email addresses. This will enable us to keep you updated with newsletters, details of Memorial Services, and lease renewal letters.
Simply call on 01329 828250, email or message us via Facebook and we will update your records. Thank you!

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