Julie One, Julie Too

Julie One, Julie Too, like roots entwine,
In the sanctuary of this garden divine

In the serenity of Portchester’s Memorial Garden, amidst the whispers of remembrance and the scent of blossoms, these two wonderful ladies make certain that peace and tranquillity tick along nicely within this sacred space. Our dedicated office team constantly pour their kindness and hard work into preserving the solace of our cherished sanctuary.

Julie Trimmings-Hind
Julie Mead

For both Julies, it’s not just about paperwork; it is about diligence and compassion, coming straight from the heart.  Their steadfast approach to work reflects not only in the pristine condition of our grounds but also in the warmth they exude to all who enter through our gates.

Julie One and Julie Too embody the spirit of community and empathy. With gentle smiles and attentive ears, they offer comfort to those who seek it in our gardens. Their kindness resonates through, creating an atmosphere of quietude and understanding.

As with the Garden Temple, they stand as pillars to dedication and fortitude. Their unwavering commitment to honouring the memories of the departed and providing consolation to those left behind, enriches the lives of all who encounter them. PMG are so fortunate to have such a wonderful team. The brilliance from office to garden staff continues to flourish, not only with the vibrant blooms but with the enduring essence of kindness and team work.

Thank you from us all!

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