Below are some answers to common questions which may address any concerns you may have.
If you are still in need of reassurance, or remain unclear on anything within this section, please do call us to discuss your questions further. We are always happy to help.

For how long can I lease a grave plot?
You can purchase a lease from as little as 10 years, up to 40 years or more.

What happens when that lease is up?
We’ll write to the grave owner three months before that date, offering the chance to renew/extend the lease. An updated grave deed will be issued to cover the new lease period.

What happens to the interred ashes if the lease is not renewed?
The ashes remain in the grave in perpetuity, however the dedicated memorial will be returned to the family, or removed by Portchester Memorial Gardens, and replaced with a numbered marker.

What if I want to extend the lease before it is due for renewal?
That’s not a problem, we’ll just add the additional term purchased to the end of your current lease and issue a new grave deed.

Can I remove the ashes from Portchester Memorial Gardens?
Ashes can only be exhumed with approval from the Ministry of Justice. Applications for exhumation of ashes can only be made by the grave owner.

Can further ashes be interred in the grave?
Yes. Each grave purchased can accommodate the interment of two sets of ashes.

Can I purchase a family plot to take more ashes?
Yes, family plots can be purchased for up to 6 people and can be sited in most parts of the gardens.

What about if the ashes have been scattered or interred elsewhere, or if I can’t bear to part with them yet – can I still have a memorial?
Yes, you can purchase a lease for a grave plot on which to place the memorial. All the time you own that lease you can choose to inter up to two sets of ashes there at a later date.

Can I bring my own memorial?
No. All memorials are purchased through our own stonemason suppliers to ensure memorials are of high quality, carry a guarantee and meet health and safety requirements.

Is the land consecrated?